I’m an iOS app developer in Tokyo.
Let me show you my current development environment, which I’ve considered a lot😄

(This is the same post as the one I wrote on Medium.)


  • Office office

  • Home home


Development Tools

  • AppCode: IDE by JetBrain. Very good for code refactoring and maintenance.
  • Xcode
  • Atom Using this to fix merge conflicts.
  • Source Tree: Git GUI client
  • Dash for macOS: API documentation browser
  • Reveal: UI debugging tool
  • Paw: API client tool. So beautiful✨
  • Charles: Web debugging tool


  • Calendar
  • Analog Clock⏰ I prefer analog clocks to digital ones.
  • Chocolates🍫 & Candies🍬
  • Speakers & Earphones to work comfortably😎


Productive tools for iOS app development by Yusuke Kita

Thank you for reading😁