While preparing for my new life and business in a new place, which is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since November 2020, I used a lot of time to learn new things.

Since 2015, when I started working on iOS app development, I’ve focused on iOS/Swift things and haven’t spent much time learning outside of the iOS/Swift world. This was a strategic choice and I learned a lot by exploring Swift. However, I felt the time has come to learn outside of iOS/Swift, to have broader and deeper knowledge about software development.

This is a simple list of things I’ve learned in these 5 months. I’m writing this primarily as a footprint of my career. However, it would be my pleasure if this gives some hints to developers who are ambitious to learn more.

(This is the same post as the one I wrote on Medium.)

Things I’ve learned

Programming languages

Developers’ habit

As I like pair-programming and scrum workflow, I wanted to learn the origin of them.

Catch up on new swift usages


  • Docker
    Docker seems so interesting to me…
  • Updated my Server (Ubuntu)

Attend conferences

Career and software community

Freelance business

  • Dutch business rules
  • Financial stuff (bank, tax, accountant, …)
  • Make resume and portfolio
  • Update equipment (monitor, webcam, …) image

Life improvement

  • English study (business vocabulary, business writing, academic vocabulary, …)
  • Explore Amsterdam and Dutch culture
  • Learn Dutch


  • I really felt that a programmer constantly needs time to catch up with new things. Especially it’s important to know what’s happening outside of one’s primary tech stack. “20% rule ” like in Google seems to make sense in this point. As I became a freelancer, I hope I can gain control over the time I use.
  • My interest in programming languages has become stronger. I want to learn more about Haskell because it’s so interesting to learn. I want to catch up with Rust because it seems promising. Learning more about LLVM feels interesting as well to know how languages work.
  • I wanna keep my eyes on social things: open-source culture, areas between society and technology, and technology art. Even though I’m not sure what I can do, it might be good for me to invest a little bit more time in this area considering my interests and background, which is interdisciplinary information studies which I studied at university. At least it was very encouraging for me to know people with similar interests and struggles when I attended Mozilla Festival.