Hello, world. I’m going to share my report on the second quarter of 2021.
Fortunately, I could start working on a client project, learned new stuff, and attended some events! I hope to see some more progress in Q3.

By the way, in the Netherlands, April and May were quite cold😰 (April was the coldest April in 35 years in NL!), it became warm☀️ (almost suddenly) in June.

Client work

  • Coral app
    Apple/Google SignIn, Push Notification (FCM), some new screens, some investigations, and bug fixes. Thank you, Coral team!

I’m open to working on more projects on a part-time basis or short-term projects. Contact me if you need my help!


  • Released my new website here. You can see technologies used here.



  • Global Maintainer Summit 2021 by GitHub, 8-9 June
    This conference was great!! I got inspired a lot from talks about Open Source Software. Especially, I liked a talk about Rust Foundation and its challenges.
  • ZuriHac, 18-20 June
  • FP AMS meetup (About Haskell and Monad)
  • Google I/O Keynote
  • WWDC Keynote
  • Open_Lab sessions at V2.nl
    I’ve attended this multiple times. It’s great to hear what artists think in the interdisciplinary field of technology and art.

Work Environment

  • Started using Notion. Quite nice so far.
  • Purchased new M1 MacBook Air
    After some consideration, I chose MacBook Air. The performance difference between Air and Pro doesn’t seem to be that big now.
    Setting up has been difficult as some software doesn’t work well on Apple Silicon yet.
  • Some work environment changes, e.g. moved to a different room, introduced a new shelf, PC speakers, webcam for better video chat, etc


  • Visited Rotterdam x2
    Architecture in Rotterdam is quite interesting. I want to learn more about Dutch architecture.
  • Visited Utrecht
    Museums started to reopen in June. Great!
  • Bruce Nauman exhibition @ Stedelijk Museum
  • Started meditation using Smiling Mind and Coral. Quite an interesting experience.
  • Visited bookstores many times because corona restrictions were lifted!
  • Had some thoughts about my future career while attending several conferences.

Some thoughts

  • I feel like doing system-level programming might be interesting for me. It’s used more widely, more developer-oriented. I might try making some software soon.

Thank you for reading✨