Hello, world. As Q3 of 2021 has finished, I wrote a summary of my activities during this period.
The summer has finished, winter is coming very soon, but I’m enjoying nice autumn weather very much these days. I hope these activities in Q3 will lead to great outcomes in Q4 and the future.

Client work

  • Coral mediation app
    HealthKit integration, file downloading using file system and Realm, Firebase In-App Messaging, Xcode 13 & iOS 15 update, dependencies update, and of course UI & feature updates!
    Thank you, Coral team😀


I wrote blog posts regarding my tech interests and career. Enjoy reading if you haven’t read them.


Attended lots of events!

Work environment

  • New machines

I purchased Dell XPS (9310) in July. It’s so comfortable that I spend more and more time with it.
On the Dell machine, I tried WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and Ubuntu from USB boot. Now I’m using WSL. Windows machines seem to have become a good choice for development.
On the MacBookAir (M1), which I purchased in June this year, I tried Parallels VM and Docker. However, there were some issues for me as virtual machines on the M1 machine must be ARM-based, not x86-based. Rosetta 2, software to run x86 apps on M1, doesn’t support virtual machine apps. This is one of the reasons that I purchased a Dell-Intel-Windows machine.

  • New work environment
    As I moved to a new place in August, I needed to set up a new working environment. I’m trying to make it more comfortable little by little.
  • Coworking space search
    As my home working space is quite limited, I started looking for a coworking space in Amsterdam. I tried using a few places, however, I haven’t decided whether to use them regularly or not.

Other stuff

  • Move to a different flat (within Amsterdam)
    Finding a new flat was quite difficult this time. I learned that there is a house shortage problem in the Netherlands. The new area is quite nice though. There are some universities on the east side of Amsterdam and I like the area around them.
  • Corona Vaccination
    It’s a big thing these days, isn’t it?
  • Exhibitions
  • Advanced English course in August
    I gave a presentation about my experience since I left Japan. Maybe I can talk about it somewhere else if I have a chance.
  • Some social events
    Met a lot of people in person because some corona restrictions were lifted.

Thank you very much for reading. Although the progress might seem to be small, finishing tech areas post was a big thing for me. I can move on by following this direction. I hope I will have nice autumn and winter this year!