Within my previous activities, here I picked up some works that belong to my “creative” side.


Since 2021, I’m helping a Photographer/Artist Martin Adolfsson. He is based in NY and is a previous member and now a mentor of New Museum’s incubator program NEW INC.
I’m helping with his multiple projects, one of which is minutiae app. You can find the app on AppStore.

minutiae is an anti-social media app that helps participants capture ordinary moments of life – moments we don’t fully value until they’re gone.



Float Chat, 2016

I made an experimental real-time chat app. Messages float and disappear after a certain period. This is aimed to be truly real-time.

iPhone 3D Touch + SlitScan, 2016

I played around with the 3D touch feature of iPhone, with some ideas from slit-scan.

Academic activities

Radi-Hey: Opinion Sharing Media using Voice Sound Effect

This became my master’s thesis. 2011-2013.

iPvlc: Pixel-level Visible Light Communication for Smart Mobile Devices

This became my bachelor’s thesis. 2010-2011.