What does a “full stack” developer mean?

In reality - in the job market - it usually refers to a JavaScript developer, who write backend in Node.js, and frontend in React/Vue/etc (+ sometimes mobile apps in ReactNative).
However, using JavaScript for everything is not the only way to build applications. I think we can call ourselves “full stack” if we can build the entire working system, after all.

I’m writing here about how I can do “full stack” with my current skills.

Mobile apps

  • iOS apps
    Native apps written in Swift. As I’ve made a lot of apps from scratch so far, it won’t be a problem for me.
  • Android apps
    Let’s forget about Android apps first😅.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t made Android apps for a while. However, as building Android apps is somewhat similar to building iOS apps, I might be able to work on some.


  • Firebase
    When building mobile apps, using Firebase is a very popular option, and most of the apps I worked on used Firebase. Normal stuff can be done in Firebase without writing server-side code and we can also write custom business logic on CloudFunction in TypeScript. I sometimes write CloudFunction by myself.
  • Node.js / Python server
    If Firebase is not enough for the service, I build some Node.js server or Python server to do business logic. I used to make a web service in Node.js, and recently I’m writing some in Python too.


  • Elm
    I like writing Elm! There are some samples on my GitHub.
  • A bit of React
    I’m writing React apps recently. Although there are a lot of small differences, as basic concepts are similar to Elm or TCA in Swift/iOS, writing React apps is not difficult.
  • Firebase Hosting
    Firebase Hosting is a nice and convenient way to host web frontend, with some support for nice testing environments.


  • Some scripts in Python or TypeScript/JavaScript
    If some scripts are necessary for work automation, I’ll write them in Python or TypeScript.

These are how I can do “full stack”, how I can build applications by myself at the moment.
Thank you for reading!