Hello, everyone! Hallo, allemaal! (Dutch)
My 2022 summary is here. It was my second year as a freelancer in the Netherlands and my third year living in Europe. I used a lot of programming languages (not only Swift!), started some personal projects, and learned a lot of new skills. I hope these activities bring me more opportunities and lead to great results in 2023!

Activities in 2022

This is a summary of my activities in 2022.

  • Client projects

    • A messaging app project with a startup (used TCA & SwiftUI a lot)
    • Several art projects with Martin Adolfsson.
      Worked almost like a full-stack engineer (iOS/Python/JavaScript/etc)
  • Personal projects

  • Programming languages I used

    • Swift - iOS apps, Static program analysis
    • Python - Workflow automation scripts, Web backend
    • Elm - My website replica, Unison ui-core related projects
    • TypeScript/JavaScript - Firebase CloudFunctions, React app
    • Rust - Static program analysis
  • New skills I learned

  • Life updates

    • Started driving cars in the Netherlands

Expectations in 2023

  • It will be my 10th anniversary as a professional software engineer🎉
  • My freelance visa in the Netherlands will be extended. So, I’ll be able to stay in NL for more years.
  • I’ll try to find more clients/projects and contribute more to software culture and communities!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my work and life in 2022!
I truly wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year🎄