This post is a report of my activities in Q1, 2022. Although there weren’t many changes, there was some progress, including web frontend development trials using Elm, TailwindCSS, and Firebase.

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Client work

  • An app project with a startup
  • Art app projects with an artist based in New York
    • Technical consultancy work: giving technical advice and writing code together in pair-programming sessions using TUPLE.


TailwindCSS + Elm

I’m making a copy of this website using Tailwind and Elm. Tailwind seems great. Handling CSS had been one of the obstacles for me to get into web frontend development, however, with Tailwind I feel I can finally control the appearance of websites precisely. So, I may be able to work on web frontend projects.

Elm-UI + Firestore + Firebase Hosting

I made this sample web app, which connects to Firestore. I chose Elm-UI just because I’m interested in it, and this site is hosted at Firebase Hosting.
While using Firebase for years in many iOS apps, I often wanted simple web apps to control Firebase for debugging purposes. As Firebase JS SDK seems straightforward, making web apps with Firebase seems like a good option for me, considering my current skill sets.

Some small trials

Tech Events

Work environment change

  • Introduced trackball mouse
    As my working desk is tiny, I switched to using a trackball instead of a conventional mouse. It fits well with the tiny space and is also good to reduce wrist pain.

Other stuff

  • DEPOT visit, 26 February
    This new landmark in Rotterdam is storage of artwork, architected by MVRDV, one of my favorite architects. Highly recommended to see the building!

    DEPOT in Rotterdam

    DEPOT in Rotterdam

  • Income tax return
    I submitted my first income tax return in the Netherlands as a freelancer🙂

  • Ukraine🇺🇦-Russia war
    I am very shocked by this war happened. I donated some of my assets to charities and decided to keep making donations. Also, I’m thinking about some other ways to help people who have been (and will be) suffering from this war. I’m praying for peace and justice to come.

    Demo at Dam Square in Amsterdam, 27.02.2022

    Demo at Dam Square in Amsterdam, 27.02.2022

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