Highlights in 2023

Highlights in 2023

2023 was my 3rd year as a freelance software engineer.
There were some great achievements for me. Also, I gained a lot of interesting experiences.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported both my work and life in 2023!
I truly wish everyone a wonderful 2024.


  • Worked with 5 clients, including 3 Dutch🇳🇱, 1 US🇺🇸, and 1 Japanese🇯🇵 client
    • My first Dutch clients since I moved to the Netherlands!
  • Used TypeScript and Python more at work
    • Some work on AWS Lambda, others on Firebase/GoogleCloud or local
  • Made contributions to OSS!
    • Unison UI-Core project, written in Elm. Detail
  • New iOS app project
    • Developed a new app from scratch to release using the latest technologies such as SwiftUI, TCA, and Concurrency. Detail
  • 10 years anniversary as a software engineer. Detail
  • Attended Advanced Functional Programming (Haskell) Course at Utrecht Summer School. Detail
  • Had good work-life balance overall

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