This is a recap of my activities in Q2 2023.
One highlight was that my PRs for Unison UI-Core were merged, especially a minimap UI component! It’s great to contribute to a progressive technology like Unison language by writing Elm, which is also a great language.

Also, in Q2, some projects with new clients started.
I hope these activities in Q2 bring some more fun and opportunities in the future.

Client work

  • minutiae and related apps 🇺🇸
    • iOS app feature update. Quite a lot of logic was changed recently.
    • Some scripts in Python and TypeScript
  • DigitalCube projects 🇯🇵
    • A new client since June!
    • Writing TypeScript for backend
    • NestJS, AWS Lambda, Serverless, etc
  • Website maintenance work 🇳🇱
  • (Used a lot of time & energy to look for new clients)

Personal projects




  • Trying Arc browser since June


  • Periodical health check: health is important!
  • Met a lot of friends🙂

Thank you for reading. I hope you also had a great Q2, and wish you a greater Q3.