I started working as a software engineer in April 2013, which means it’s 10th anniversary this year🎉 Here I summarize my 10 years.

10 years of my career

10 years of my career


  • 2013.03 - 2014.12: Mostly backend using PHP and NodeJS, some frontend
  • 2015.01 - 2020.12: Specialized in iOS using Swift
  • 2021.01 - now: iOS + others (Python, TS/JS, Elm, etc)


  • 2007.04 - 2019.08: Tokyo, Japan

  • 2019.08 - 2020.12: Prague, the Czech Republic

  • 2021.01 - now: Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • 2013.03 - 2015.08: Yahoo! Japan (E-commerce, etc)
  • 2015.09 - 2017.10: Ohako (Development agency)
  • 2017.11 - 2019.02: Pangea (Social network services)
  • 2019.03 - 2020.10: STRV (Development agency)
  • 2021.01 - now: Freelance

Memorable tech events

  • 2016.03 try! Swift Tokyo
    My first international tech conference. Attending this made me think “Maybe I wanna work outside of Japan.”
    Also, this was the first time I saw RxSwift codes. The shock that I couldn’t understand anything at all, even though it was written in the familiar Swift, strongly motivated me to understand functional reactive programming, which further lead to my interest in functional programming.
  • 2016.05 CocoaConf@Seattle
    My first tech conference to attend outside of Japan. I summarized my experience later as a presentation.
  • 2017.06 AltConf&WWDC@SanFrancisco
    I went to San Francisco and San Jose using my own budget, to see AltConf and WWDC. I enjoyed the events and the city with my friends. The report is here.
  • 2017.09 iOSDC@Tokyo
    I gave a lightning talk about Tips for passing functions around with point-free style.
  • 2018.05 UIKonf@Berlin
    I gave my presentation about App Architecture by Manual DI on the unconference day.
    Also, I met some engineers from STRV, which lead to my application to a position in STRV, then my relocation to Prague.
  • 2019.10 iOS LT@STRV office
    I gave a presentation about iOS developers community in Tokyo.
  • 2021.07 Advanced Functional Programming in Haskell by Utrecht University (online)
    I learned how Haskell (or functional programming) world is vast at this summer school. Even though I knew some basics of Haskell, there were so many more topics and concepts to explore.

(I’ve attended lots of conferences and meetups in addition to these. I chose only memorable ones here.)

Thank you very much for your support during my 10 years of my career🙂