This is a recap of my activities in Q1 2024.

Client works

  • minutiae and related apps 🇺🇸
    • TypeScript/Python scripts for various workflow
    • iOS app update
  • Amimoto/Shifter from DigitalCube 🇯🇵
    • Writing TypeScript for backend, mainly for AWS Lambda
    • Bug fix, adding new features, runtime update, etc
    • AI related project
    • Tech stack: AWS Lambda, Serverless, etc
  • Script for a business tool 🇳🇱
    • Writing scripts in TypeScript for a business tool
  • Website maintenance work 🇳🇱
    • Updating HTML/CSS for a static website

Learning / OSS



  • Spent some time in Japan🇯🇵 in January. View from Roppongi Hills
  • Became 35 years old on February 16th!🎂
  • Building new life routine, including waking up early, routined work week, etc

Thank you for reading. I wish all of you great Q2!